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Arunachal Pradesh is all about flourishing valleys, cascading waterfalls, pristine lakes and scenic landscape. This serene gateway is ideal to unwind and spend some quality time away from the mundane city life.

Arunachal Pradesh is a magical state of India known for its mix of natural, cultural and traditional lures. This tranquil state is a dream of every wanderer seeking a place to refresh and refuel. Arunachal Pradesh is home to some of the most magical lures, including Tawang, Bomdila, Ziro, Itanagar, and Pasighat to name a few. Each of these places underlines the rich cultures and traditions of the state while taking you deep into the roots of history.

Arunachal Pradesh Tourism - The Land of The Rising Sun

Arunachal Pradesh, a mysterious, magical and mystical land tucked away in the north eastern tip of India is one of the most compelling holiday destinations in India. This remotest outpost of the North Eastern states entices the adventurer with its picturesque mountain peaks, swift rivers and verdant valleys. The widely scattered archeological remains at different tourism places in Arunachal bear testimony to its rich cultural heritage and the visitors have a wide variety to pick from. It is the picturesque setting of Arunachal Pradesh that attracts a large number of tourists to come here.

Information on Arunachal PradeshAP Information
Arunachal Pradesh has a glorious history followed by a rich culture. Its picture-perfect hills and valleys make your trip to the place a memorable one. The scope for adventure here is immense.


Arunachal Pradesh CitiesAP Cities
Visit the cities of Arunachal Pradesh to know the place better. Be it any city, the scope for touring and travelling in Arunachal Pradesh is truly abundant. Itanagar is the state capital.


Arunachal Pradesh AttractionsAP Attractions
Colourful and compelling festivals, indulgence in trekking and fishing, a visit to the tranquil hill stations draw a number of tourists to Arunachal Pradesh every year.


Arunachal Pradesh MonasteriesAP Monasteries
Tawang monastery and Urguelling Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh are the major ones. These display the religious bend of the people in Andhra Pradesh.


Arunachal Pradesh WildlifeAP Wildlife
Namdapha and Daying Ering are the two main wildlife sanctuaries of Andhra Pradesh. They show the travellers rich flora and fauna that houses in Arunachal Pradesh.


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