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Namdapha National Park - The Botanist's Dream

Snake at Namdapha National Park Arunachal Pradesh

Location: Changlang district, Arunachal Pradesh

Main Highlights: rich variety of flora and fauna, elephant safari and camping sites

Best Time To Visit: From December to March

About The Park:

Located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, the Namdapha National Park is the largest Park in India. The river Noa-Dihing flows through the Park making it picturesque. The Park boasts of the richest diversity of flora and fauna in the Indian Subcontinent. The credit for its rich biodiversity goes to its location within the Indo-Chinese subregion. The Park is located at an altitude of 4,500 meters. The flora present in the Park consists of tropical rainforest, the deciduous forest, temperate and Alpine forests. The Park has around 150 species of trees. Several species of flowers and Orchids including the rare Blue Vanda. The birds found here are Giant Hornbill, Forest Eagle Owl, Satyr Tragopan, Monal Pheasants, Kalij and White-winged wood duck. Some of the reptile species spotted in the Park are King Cobra, Reticulated Python and the Indian Python. The mammals include Snow Leopard, Leopard, Cats-tiger, Clouded Leopard and Hoolock Gibbon. There are around 430 species of beautiful butterflies and Moths are present here.

Places of Tourist Interest in the Park:

It is a wonderful forest camp on the bank of river Noa-Dihing. If you wish to stay inside the Park, then the Forest Inspection Bungalow is the place you must head for. Its surroundings are perfect for trekking, hiking and angling.

Horn bill:
This place is flooded with horn bills. It is only 9 km from Deban.

Camera Point:
This site inside the Park is ideal for clicking great photographs of the beautiful surroundings.

This is another popular camping site located on the Noa-Dehing River bank. It is famous for its scenic beauty.

The accommodation options are: Government Tourist Lodge at Miao; Rest House at Namchik and some rest houses in Namdapha, at Haldibari.

If you are looking for North East India Wildlife Tours, then Namdapha National Park can be included in your itinerary.

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