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Da-prabatia Temple

Da-prabatia Temple, Assam

Da-Parbatis Temple is an ancient archaeological site of a Hindu temple. Its history dates back to the 4th century. Tourists come from far off places to see the ruins of this temple which is located near Tezpur town. The beautifully carved door frame of the temple is the major attraction here. It is the oldest specimen of the religious art in Assam. The amazing carvings on the door frame depicts two goddesses Ganga and Yamuna. They are standing gracefully with garlands in their hands. The two of them are decorated elegantly. These carvings are the perfect examples of the Gupta School of Sculpture.

Places Of Interest Near Da-Parbatia Temple:

Agnigarh: A beautiful hillock overlooking river Brahaputra.

Cole Park: Known for its two huge stone pillars.

Bamuni Hills: Attracts tourists for its sculptural remains.

Eco camp: Eco camp near the Jia Bhoroli river located 50 km from Tezpur is an interesting place. Here you can indulge into several adventurous activities such as river rafting and fishing.Situated near the river is Nameri National Park which is a home to many wildlife species such as endangered White Winged Wood Duck and Assam Reef Turtle, Indian Bison, Tiger, Leopard. Elephant safari is the best way to explore the Park.

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