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Assam Temples

The Assam Temples stand witness to the great historical and cultural past of the state. Some of these monuments date back to the medieval days. This ancestral heritage of the region is preserved in the form of rock sculptures, rock inscriptions, copper plates and other forms of inscriptions hailing from historical to medieval times. Many ancient Hindu temples of Assam have some root in mythological legends. This land has been the center of Shakti worship for centuries.

Kamkhya Temple AssamKamkhya Temple
Held high in respect and faith, Kamakhya temple is a Shakti shrine located in the capital city Guwahati. Perched on the beautiful Nilachal Hill, the temple is one of the temples located in the same temple complex.


Umananda Temple AssamUmananda Temple
Situated on the small island called Peacock island, the Umananda temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. It is located in Guwahati. The legend goes that Lord Shiva used to live here in the form of Bhayananda.


Asvakranta Temples AssamAsvakranta Temples
Asvakranta Temple is a highly revered pilgrimage centre of Assamese. It is one of the most important shrines of lord Vishnu. It is located on a rocky area near the Brahmaputra river, Guwahati. The temple offers great views...


Da-Parbatia Temple, AssamDa-Parbatia Temple
Da-Parbatis Temple is an ancient archaeological site of a Hindu temple. Its history dates back to the 4th century. Tourists come from far off places to see the ruins of this temple which is located near Tezpur town.


Navagraha Temple, AssamNavagraha Temple
The Navagraha Temple in Assam is dedicated to the nine celestial bodies of the Universe. It is located on the top of Chitrasal Hill or Navagraha Hill in the capital city Guwahati. The temple houses nine Shivalingams...


Hermitage of Vasistha, AssamHermitage of Vasistha
Located in mesmerizing surroundings, the Hermitage of Vasistha is an important pilgrimage centre of Assamese. It is also known as the Vasistha Ashram. It is located around ten miles from Guwahati.


Satra Temple, AssamSatra Temple
Established with an aim to propagate neo Vaishnavism, the first Satra was constructed in the 15th century in Majuli, Assam. Satra is a name given to monasteries in Assam.


Sukresvara Temple, AssamSukresvara Temple
Nestled on a hillock called 'Hasti', the Surkresvara temple is a beautiful temple of Assam. The hillock is said to be the Ashrama (hermitage) of the sage 'Sukra'. According to Kalika Purana Sukresvara Linga was installed here.


Ugratara Temple, AssamUgratara Temple
Ugratara Temple, a shakti shrine is regarded with great devotion by Assamese. It is an important temple visited by the devotees throughout the year. It is situated in the Uzan Bazaar in Guwahati.



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