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Manipuri Festivals

Meira Hao chonba festival Manipur

Manipuris celebrate fairs and festivals throughout the year. From celebrating the arrival of spring to celebrating the thank giving ceremony for a good harvest, Manipuri religion and culture provides endless opportunities to celebrate.

Following are just a few of these festivals of Manipur which are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm:

Mainly celebrated by the Kabui Naga tribe of Manipur, Gang-Ngai festival is celebrated in the months of December/January. It is a five day long festival filled with fun.

Yaoshang Festival:
It is one of the most important Hindu festivals of Manipur which stretches for five days. It is celebrated on a full moon day in the month of Phagun(February/March). A wonderful dance form known as Thabal Chongba is an interesting part of this festival.

Kut Festival:
Celebrating the good harvest, Kut festival belongs to the Kuki-Chin-Mizo tribe of Manipur. During the festival the heavenly deity is thanked for showering its blessings in the form of bountiful harvest. It is an annual festival celebrated in the month of November.

Cheiraoba Festival:
It is the celebration of the Manipuri New Year. During the festival all the people of Manipur decorate their houses after cleaning them. It is a day of starting everything afresh. There is a ritual associated with this festival according to which the people celebrating the festival climb the nearest hill. It is believed that it would help them reach new heights in life.

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