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Limestone Cave / Mawsmai Caves

Mawsmai Fall Meghalaya

Caving is an art which can be best experienced in the mystic Mawsmai Caves of Meghalaya. These Caves are fast becoming a hot tourists destination offering great adventure opportunity to the tourists. The caves are located near Cherrapunjee and are made of limestone. The emotion of thrill heightens as you enter the cave. The entrance has a narrow vertical opening and is well lit. As you move further, you will notice dripping of water from the cave roofs and the formation of stalactites and stalagmites, a wonderful phenomena specially found in limestone caves. The conspicuous pillars formed due to the joining of the roof and the floor are an awe-inspiring creativity of the creator of this world.

Although the caves are quite dark inside but if lighted properly with the help of torch or any other source,their interior glows like a crystal. The interiors of the caves are wide enough to pass through easily but the exit is a little narrow. A bulky person might have to kneel down to come out of it. But there is no need to worry as it is not difficult. According to the legend the Mawsmai Caves were discovered by the Khasi tribesmen while they were out for hunting. Initially the caves housed several animals which were later hunted down by the tribe.

If You are planning to flock to Meghalaya, then do make your holidays memorable by visiting the Mawsmai Caves.

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