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Bung and Paikhai

Bung and Paikhai Mizoram

Venture into Bung and Paikhai which are known to be very exciting tourist destinations of Mizoram. Both of them are the perfect places to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Their picture-perfect vistas, pollution free air and peaceful surroundings leave the tourists with treasured memories when they go back home. Bung is located around 16 km from Aizawl and Paikhai is also located nearby. Aizawl is a wonderful place in Mizoram which is located atop high hills. It is a versatile destination with several attractions such as different landscapes, hills, gushing streams, deep gorges and a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Aizawl offers many attractions which are not located very far from each other. When you plan to visit Bung and Paikhai, you can enjoy some other destinations also. Bara Bazar is a famous shopping centre where wonderful handicrafts and other handmade dishes are available. These shopping items are made from the raw material obtained from the farms or forests. Head for Mizoram State Museum, located in the centre of the city, to explore the interesting collections of historical relics, ancient costumes and other items of sheer historic importance. The museum reflects the glorious past of the North Eastern State of Mizoram.
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