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Mizoram Festivals

Siang River fair and festival of Mizoram

'Jhum Cultivation' is an important practice in Mizoram. It includes slashing down the jungles, burning the leaves and cultivating the lands. All the major agricultural activities and festivals in Mizoram rotate around the operations of Jhum.

The people of Mizoram have still kept their traditional heritage alive. The conventional customs remain intact till date. An extraordinary tribal flavor accompanies the celebration of fairs and festivals in Mizoram. Since Christians form the major part of the population, the New Year's and Christmas are the most important celebrations in Mizoram. Several traditional festivals also form a part of the chief celebrations.

Kut are the traditional festivals of Mizoram. Some of those important ones celebrated with great pomp and show are namely:

Chapchar Kut
Chapchar Kut is one of the most important spring festival. After the clearing of the forests for jhum cultivation, this festival is celebrated with great fervor by the people of Mizoram. Irrespective of the age, both young and old participate in the festivities with equal enthusiasm. People dressed in bright costumes with attractive head gears sing, dance and make merry. Men and women perform folk dances and sing several traditional songs as well followed by beats of drums and cymbals.

Mim Kut
Mim Kut is celebrated after the harvest of the maize crop is over. For this very reason, Mim Kut is also called the Maize Festival. It is celebrated generally during the month of August or September. Singing, dancing, drinking of rice-beer and merry-making are the common features of this festival.

Pawl Kut
Pawl Kut is the greatest of all the festivals celebrated in the state of Mizoram. Once all the harvests are over, this Harvest Festival is celebrated with great fun. The festival is usually celebrated either in the month of December or January.
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