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Dimapur Tourism

Dimapur's chess men, Nagaland

Occupying an important place on the map of Nagaland, Dimapur is the main commercial centre and one of the three municipalities in the state. Dimapur derives its name from the Kachari dialect. “Di” means “river”, “ma” means “big” and “pur” means “city”, thus the word Dimapur means “the city near the great river”. Once the capital of the Kachari dynasty of the 13th century, Dimapur is presently one of the towns of North East India which is growing at a fast pace. It is the gateway to Nagaland and is famous for its handicrafts.

Attractions In Dimapur:

Ruins of the Kachari Kingdom:
The ruins belonging to the ancient Kachari Kingdom fascinate many tourists coming to Nagaland. The ruins of the monoliths, temples, embankments and tanks belonging to the 13th century can be seen here.

Holding great historic importance, Chumukedima was once the first headquarters of the then Naga Hills District of Assam state during the British Raj. It is located only 14 km from Dimapur. The Department of Tourism has created a Tourist Village atop a hill in Chumukedima. This village offers a bird's eye view of Dimapur.

Dotted with bustling bazaars full of beautiful handicrafts, Ruzaphema is a wonderful place located only 5 km from Dimapur.

Triple Falls:
This mesmerising waterfall is located in the Seithekima village of Dimapur. It is a three tier waterfall steeped in beauty. It is an ideal place for people inclined towards trekking.

Governor's Camp:
Overlooking the beautiful Doyang river in Dimapur, the Governer's Camp is located 43 km from Dimapur. It offers great opportunities for rafting, camping and angling.

Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary:
Located at a distance of 37 km from Dimapur, Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to a wide variety of wildlife.

How To Reach:

Air: Dimapur is the only airport in Nagaland which is connected to some of the main cities of India.

Rail: Dimapur railway station connects the town with the rest of India.

Road: Dimapur is well connected by road to the rest of North East India.
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