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Mon District Nagaland

Mon Tribe, Nagaland

Mon district is one of the main attractions of Nagaland. It houses the Konyak tribe of the state. This picturesque district is elevated at a height of 897.64 meters above sea level. The town of Mon is its district headquarters. It has several beautiful villages. The Konyaks are governed by hereditary chiefs known as Anghs. The institution of Anghship is present only among Konyaks. The house of the chief is the largest in the village and is decorated with skulls in the front.

Konyaks are excellent craftsmen and artisans. They are expert in wood carving work and produce great masterpieces. They are also involved in making daos(machetes), guns, gun powder, head brushes, headgear, necklaces and other household items. The tribe celebrates several festivals throughout the year but the festival celebrated with great enthusiasm is “Aoling Monyu”. It is celebrated in the first week of April.

Main attractions of the Mon District:

Shangnyu Village:

Governed by the chief Angh, Shangnyu is a beautiful village in the Mon district. It boasts of a huge wooden structure which is 8 feet in height and 12 feet in breadth. It is believed that it was built by the heavenly angels. It has been meticulously carved with amazing pictures of human beings and other living beings.

Longwa Village:

This is a unique village inhabited by the Konyaks tribe of Nagaland. Half of the village is located in India and the other half in Burma. The villagers enjoy dual citizenships. However, the village is ruled by the chief Angh who has 60 wives. This village offers panoramic views of its surroundings.

Veda Peak:

It is the highest peak of the district located 70 km from Mon. Here you can get great views of the beautiful rivers – Brahmaputra and Chindwin. A wonderful waterfall can also be seen here.
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