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Bhuvaneswari Hindu Temple

Bhuvaneswari HinduTemple, Tripura

Famous for its amazing architecture, the Bhuvaneswari temple is located at an ideal location on the bank of river Gomati at Udaipur in Tripura. Udaipur is known as the “Temple town of Tripura”. It is situated 55 km from the capital city Agartala. The temple was constructed in the 17th century by Maharaja Govinda Manikya. The Royal palace of the Maharaja can also be visited when you pay a visit to this temple as it is located near the temple.

The Bhuvaneswari temple finds mention in two of the plays of Rabindranath Tagore
( won the first noble prize in literature in India) – titled Rajarshi and Bisharjan. The temple was erected on a 3 feet high paved terrace. The roof is fashioned in the typical four-chaala style. It has stupa like crowns on the entrance and core chambers. The stupa on core chamber is festooned with floral motifs which attracts attention.

There are several beautiful temples located near the Bhuvaneswari temple.
Some of them are Jagannath Dighi, Mahadev Dighi, Sagar, Amar Sagar and Kalyan Sagar. Of all, Jagannath Dighi temple is the most attractive one. Since the Bhuvaneswari temple is located near the capital city of Tripura, it is easily accessible.
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