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Daying Wildlife Sanctuary

Jackal in Daying Wildlife Sanctuary Arunachal Pradesh

About the Sanctuary :
The Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh is spread over an area of 190 square kilometers. Alluvial grasslands form the major area of the Daying Ering Sanctuary. Some of the portion of the sanctuary is the wooded area and the rest is water. The eastern, western and northern parts of the Daying Ering Sanctuary are surrounded by the Siang River. From the southern part the sanctuary extends upto the state of Assam. The Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary is situated 13 kilometers off Pasighat. The sanctuary comprises of a series of river islands. The unique ecosystem of water bodies that exists here makes the sanctuary a home to several migratory birds from Mongolia and Siberia.

Flora and Fauna :

The Daying Ering Sanctuary holds important communities of animals and plants. Apart from other important varieties pitcher plants are also found in this wildlife sanctuary.

The grassy and forested terrain of the sanctuary provides an ideal home to wild buffalo, deer, elephants and certain other rain forest species. The lucky traveller shall catch a glimpse of the Royal Tiger as well. The woodlands for the sanctuary make it an ideal habitat for a host of animals namely the leopard, leopard cat, barking deer, civet cat, sambar, jackal, wild boar, python, porcupine and some others too. Additionally, the savannah type of grasslands of the sanctuary make it a congenial habitat for the migratory elephants.

The waters of the Siang River is the major attraction of the Daying Ering Sanctuary. It catapults hordes of eco-tourists and adventure enthusiasts.

Reaching the Sanctuary :

The nearest airport from the Daying Ering Sanctuary is at Mohanbari. Once you reach Mohanbari, the Pawan Hans Helicopter Service will enable you to reach Pasighat. Access to the Daying Ering Sanctuary is quite easy from here. The closest railhead from the Daying Ering Sanctuary is Murkong Selek in Assam. Pasighat is linked to the other parts of the country through NH-52. Buses are available from Itanagar and Yingkiong everyday. These buses are run by the Department of State Transport, Government of Arunachal Pradesh. You can also reach Oiramgaht through the daily boat services. Local buses to Pasighat are available from here.

Best Time to Travel :

The best time to visit the Daying Ering Sanctuary is during the winter months ranging from December to February.

Accommodation :

While you are in the Daying Ering Sanctuary, you can choose to stay either at Mr. Taching Sitang Eko Siang Guest House or at Circuit House DFO Wildlife.
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