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Assam Tea Garden

Tea Garden Assam

Assam Tea Gardens produce one of the most widely consumed beverages called tea in plenty. Assam is famous the world over for manufacturing the tea which is known for its texture, flavour, aroma and colour. Sprawling over hundreds of acres of land, the tea gardens of Assam are playing a significant role in its economy. Assam is the world's second commercial tea producing centre after China. Assam is the black tea which derived its name from the name of the area of its production, Assam. The state also produces green and white tea but in smaller quantity to the black one. Lowlands are the perfect places in Assam for growing tea. Assam tea finds mention in the 10th century CE Sanskrit medical text from Assam called 'Nidana'. Earlier when tea was not produced for commercial purpose in Assam, the local people used to chew tea leaves without processing them.

Assam is the pride of India when it comes to tea production as it alone produces more than 50% of the tea in the country. Today the annual production of tea in Assam is 400 million kg which is such a big figure. Tea is something the Assamese can't live without. Every morning and evening they relish a cup of tea to refresh themselves. Traditionally the tea is taken in bell metal bowl called 'Banbati'.

Meander through the fresh and lush green tea gardens, watch the art of plucking tea leaves and savour a cup of one of the finest tea in the world. Dibrugarh town produces maximum tea not only in the whole of Assam but in India too. Brahmaputra valley, Barak valley and southern Assam produce tea in plenty. Head for Toklia Tea Research Station if you wish to know the details of processing of tea or any other information related to tea. The station is located near Jorhat town.

Assam Tourism also host an annual 'Tea Festival' in the month of November. In this festival you can taste different types of tea under one roof. The venue for the festival is 'Guwahati Tea Auction Centre', Guwahati. Sightseeing is also organised during the festival.

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