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Manipur Travel Guide

Literally meaning "the jeweled land", Manipur is richly endowed with natural splendor and grandeur; as it founds mention in the epic of Mahabharata, Manipur is believed to be a part of India since times immemorial. It has 9 districts. Agriculture is the single largest source of livelihood, for a majority of the rural masses, and the state economy also depends on it. Since it is regarded as a sensitive border area, foreign nationals are required to have Restricted Area Permit to enter the state.

Manipur InroductionManipur Introduction
One of the seven sister states of India, Manipur is impressively surrounded by hills on all the sides. Although a tiny state, but it has gained international recognition through its rich culture and heritage.


Arts and Handicraft ManipurArts and Handicrafts
Occupying a prized place in the world of art and handicrafts, Manipur offers a wide range of products. The people of Manipur are highly skilled in crafting amazing handicrafts. the markets of Manipur are the best places...


Dance and Music ManipurDance and Music
Representing the rich culture and ethos of Manipur, its dance and music are famous the world over. The classical dance form is the most famous dance practised in the state. From classical to ancient and folk...


Fairs and Festivals ManipurFairs and Festivals
Manipuris celebrate fairs and festivals throughout the year. From celebrating the arrival of spring to celebrating the thank giving ceremony for a good harvest, Manipuri religion and culture provides endless opportunities to celebrate.


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