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Nagaland Dance and Music

Dance and Music Nagaland

Dance and music are an essential part of any celebration in Mizoram. Based on a wide variety of themes, the dance and music may talk about a tradition, depict the stories of bravery and chivalry or narrate an important historic event. The tribal dances of Nagaland speak oodles about its rich heritage. Different tribes have different dances. War dance is the most famous dance of the state. It involves a great deal of expertise as the performers go through dangerous war motions. Even a little bit of carelessness can prove highly dangerous. Nagas never perform individually, they always dance in a group. Participants in most of the Naga dances are men, it is only in Zelaing tribe where womenfolk are also involved in this cultural activity. The dancers wesr colourful and graceful dresses which add more charm to the dance. The dresses of the dancers resemble the costumes of the warriors. The dancers also hold silver, brass and iron ornaments to make the performance more interesting.

The Naga dance generally includes erect postures with unbent knees. Complex leg movements and simple hand movements are the charactersticks of the dance. Some of the dances have been named according to the dance steps, resembling with the birds, insects or animals. For instance Nruirolians(cock dance) resembles the trait of a cock.

Petu, Theku, Flutes and Trumpets are the some of the important musical instruments used in Naga's folk music. Guitar has also become famous among the young boys and girls of Nagaland due to the cultural influence of Christians.
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