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Manipur is a Northeastern state of India which makes many jaws drop with its surreal beauty. The state is blessed with dense forests and rolling hills which charm the heart of every wanderer visiting here.

Blanketed with dense forests and rolling hills, Manipur is a magical Indian state which makes many wonder and ponder in disbelief. This Northeastern state is all about distinct classical dance forms, delicious cuisines, traditional festivals, sacred shrines and a simple living. Attractions in Manipur are breathtaking. Visit Imphal, Ukhrul, Bishnupur, Thoubal and Chandel which remain some of the most gorgeous sites here.

Manipur Tourism - "The Jewelled Land"

Manipur is the state with glorious history and rich culture. Manipur tourism beckons tourists with its breathtaking beauty, serene lakes, soaring hills, refreshing waterfalls, and exotic orchids and amazing heritage. Tourist attractions in Manipur lie mostly in its splendid landscape, bounteous nature and its cultural wealth. Smokey blue hills and the verdant forests, offer a stunning combination, which you can hardly ignore. Nature is intoxicatingly beautiful and the serenity is overwhelming.

Manipur InfoManipur Information
Manipur, the jewel of India is enveloped by hills on all sides. Deep interest in art and traditionally rich culture have made the tiny state much popular among the foreign tourists.


Manipur CitiesManipur Cities
There is so much to see and do while you are in Manipur. The temples. Lakes and museums that dot the landscape of Manipur are worth watching at least once.


Manipur AttractionsManipur Attractions
The scope for tourism in the cities of Manipur is wide. Two major cities of Manipur, Imphal and Bishnupur bring forth the rich history of the state. Enjoy holidays amidst the hills.


Manipur WildlifeManipur Wildlife
North East India Keibul Lamjao National Park and Manipur Zoological Gardens are home to a number of animal and bird species. These parks shelter some endangered species as well.


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