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Adventure Sports in Meghalaya

Nohwet - Living Root Bridge, Meghalaya

Trekking in Meghalaya:

If you are inclined towards trekking, then Meghalaya is the best bet for you when to travel to North East India. The terrain of the state is ideal for trekking. The trekking routes throw challenges to the trekkers and test their stamina. While trekking you will be rewarded with the sights of rich variety of flora and fauna which will add more enjoyment to your expedition. Other striking features of Meghalaya are gushing rivers, green hills and huge waterfalls. The trekking routes provide picture perfect views of all these attractions.

Some of the great trekking routes in Meghalaya are:

Smit: It is a two day trek from State Library to Laitkor. Crinoline Falls is the major attraction of this route.

Mawlyngot: This trekking route comprises of a village. Singsong gorge along the river Um song flanked by mix forest on both sides is the striking feature of this route.

Pynursla: This route starts after crossing Um Song river and ends in the town of Pynursla.

Weiloi to Ponkung/Pongkung to Umhgi: Weiloi is a beautiful village. En route Weiloi to Umngi you will see two natural springs which hold a lot of potential to become a health resort.

Waterfalls In Meghalaya:

Waterfalls of Meghalaya attracts a lot of adventure seekers from far and wide. Some of the best known waterfalls of the state are:

Elephant Falls: Located at an ideal place, this waterfall comprises of two falls. The nearby rocks are covered with ferns.

Crinoline Falls: It is situated near the Lady Hydari Park , the Crinoline Falls boast of a small swimming pool at its base where people enjoy swimming. The Fall also boasts of the evening cultural programmes for entertaining visitors. You can even dine at the nearby restaurant.

Spread Eagle Falls: Offering refreshing moments in plenty, this fall is a feast for eyes.

Sweet Falls: It is located near Happy Valley and is truly picturesque.

Imilchang Dare: It is located in the West Garo Hills district. Known for its wonderful ambiance, its pool is full of different varieties of fishes. It is a great picnic spot.

Noh Kalilai Falls: The glistening water of this waterfall falls from a steep mountain and its looks mesmerising. The beauty of this waterfall is usually compared with the Jog Falls of South India.

Bishop and Beadon Falls: Descending over a steep rocky surface, these waterfalls ends into a deep valley.

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