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Meghalaya Travel Guide

Situated in the North Eastern region of India, the Meghalaya state was created in 1972 from the Khasi, Jayantia and Garo districts of Assam. It is literally known as Abode of the clouds. The state has favorable agro-climatic conditions, which support agriculture, horticulture and forestry. It has abundant natural resources, which offer significant avenues for investment.

Meghalaya IntroductionMeghalaya Introduction
Do you love to see the floating clouds carrying water to shower on you, step into the land of Meghalaya. The literal meaning of the term Meghalaya is the 'abode of clouds'. How aptly the land has been named.


Art and Handicrafts MeghalayaArt and Handicrafts
Meghalaya is an abode of wonderful handicrafts. The state is endowed with a rich tradition of art and handicrafts. The people of Meghalaya have long perfected the art of weaving, be it cane or cloth.


Dance and Music MeghalayaDance and Music
No celebration in Meghalaya is complete without the involvement of dance and music. The dance forms in the state are dedicated to various events such as social, religious, agricultural and recreational.


Fairs and Festivals MeghalayaFairs and Festivals
The celebration of life by the people of Meghalaya can be clearly seen in their festivals. Dedicated to different themes, the festivals are celebrated through out the year. The enthusiasm and joy with which the people celebrated their festivals...


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